No 46. Hold a meeting from a distance

meeting remote

With faster broadband speeds and easy access to the internet there is really no need to hold meetings in school. At the end of a long day or crammed into a lunchtime is often not the best time to hold an important meeting. A novel approach may be to schedule it for an evening when everyone is at home when they are more relaxed and fresher. The website makes this all possible. Its free to join although you do have to pay to get rid of adverts and allows you to hold meetings remotely. You can upload presentations on which you could have the agenda and you can communicate to each other using your computers microphone or by simply writing messages. It may also take away some of the confrontation away that can exist when staff are tired and irritable. You can also record the meeting too -dangerous!.  Give it a go and see what happens. Please comment freely. If you already doing this using a different site or piece of software then please let me know.


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1 thought on “No 46. Hold a meeting from a distance

  1. Finetraces786

    In one school I observed in, I actually asked why meetings are held right after school when students may want to see their teachers for help, make up work, etc. and why we couldn’t use Skype or some video conference. I think they liked the idea but a few of the teachers felt uncomfortable because they don’t like how technology separates people physically (we see enough of each other at school everyday!) and that it can be difficult to use.

    I think when it comes to faculty all using technology (like for a video conference, etc.) then the inevitable point to address is how you get everyone trained and up to speed in using the technology for that task. Personally, I don’t think video conferencing is that complicated, but I can think of a number of teachers who would be upset to try it because it would involve learning new technology.


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