No 23. The Pedagogy Wheel

Bloom’s Taxonomy is always talked about in education showing the different learning objectives that pupils should achieve. For a more up to date version have a look at the pedagogy wheel which gives examples of actions and activities that pupils can engage in according to the four objectives of: remember/understand, apply, analyse, evaluate, create. Better still, it even suggests iPad apps that are relevant for pupils and teachers to use for each of the four objectives.

pedagody wheel

The image above is from here.

5 thoughts on “No 23. The Pedagogy Wheel

  1. awax1217

    I appreciate you sending me that you liked my blog. As a former teacher I appreciate my fellow educators. I give you permission to use any of my work in your classrooms. Some of my short stories could be used to get the class to discuss certain themes. Just use discretion. What level do you teach and what type of students do you have in the classroom? I spent twenty seven years teaching seventh grade. Most of the time I was given the lower levels to teach. The last three years before I retired were students who were one step from being kicked out of school for a variety of offenses. Keep in touch and let me know if I can help. Sincerely, Barry


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