No 38. An alternative and better way of marking tests yourself



Although we feel obliged to mark tests that our pupils have done, in reality it’s probably not the best learning experience for them. Once marked pupils focus totally on the mark/grade and are often not bothered about going through the test to see where they went wrong. A lesson spent going through the test can be a very dull experience for the pupil and teacher and can be a challenge as pupils fight for that extra mark to push them through the next grade boundary.

Here is a possible approach to avoid this situation

  1. Collect the tests in and hand them back out randomly ensuring that each pupils doesn’t have their own in front of them.
  2. Go through the answers keeping the mark scheme very simple. Use a variety of approaches. Read some answers, have some answers on a presentation and get pupils to read out others. Avoid talking through each answer yourself from the front – can be too dull for the pupils.
  3. Get the pupils to swap the test in front of them with someone else after each question – this adds variety and avoids unfair marking.
  4. Once marked the tests can be given back to the right pupil.
  5. It is really important that each pupils evaluates how the test has gone for them. Have a questionnaire printed out for them for them to fill in. Use simple questioning. might help.

How do you peer assess?


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