No 36. Use parents to show prospective parents around your school

There are various approaches used to show off a school when it comes to open mornings and open evenings. It is very common to use pupils to show around prospective parents around the school. This has the advantage of the pupil perspective and can be very effective. A novel variation on this is to ask existing parents to show around prospective parents the school. This allows for adult to adult conversation which gives a true and honest opinion. Obviously you will have to choose your parents carefully – you don’t want a parent that is going to highlight all the faults and leave nothing to the imagination! I’m sure if you asked for parental help many would come forward and would be only too pleased to show off the school. Perhaps the school pta is the best place to start. Maybe a combination of pupil show rounds and parental ambassador is the way forward. If you are interested in marketing your school then this is perhaps something you could suggest.

How do you market your school?

school open day


The image above is from here.

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