No 10. Use Google Documents instead of Microsoft Word to write

When we want our pupils to type up a piece of writing we usually use Microsoft Word but you may be overlooking the advantages of using a google document. Google has a suite of software allowing documents to be written, presentations prepared and spreadsheets to be compiled. Here are just some of the advantages of using goole documents in the classroom.

1. The documents can be accessed via a unique web link which allows them to be accessed from anywhere.
2. The documents can be edited anywhere by anyone (if you request it) if they have the link.
3. Can be used as a collaborative tool as more than one person can access the document at the same time. If you want an unlimited number of people can write on it at the same time.
4. Any change you or other people make is tracked so you can go back easily to earlier versions if you wish.
5. It does not cost anything unless you go over a certain storage (would take a lot of documents) and requires no special software – just the link, a mac or pc and a good Internet connection although you can write off line too and sync back once online.
6. Documents can be accessed from a variety of devices from phones to tablets.

All you will need to do is download google drive ( see earlier post on the merits of this) and away you go.

I have found google documents to collaborate with staff in a department for instance writing a UCAS reference for a student with more than one teacher involved.

Here is an example of a google document I created. Have a type on it and see who else is on it and say hello to them in the message box.



The image above is from here.

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