No 35. Let’s not forget to get back to the basics

This is a guest post by Elicia Shepard (

In a world where technology can be a great resource, and a great tool for teaching… I have found that in my time teaching in South Korea sometimes the best AND most effective lessons are the ones where we get back to the basics.

No computers, cell phones, projectors, or T.V screens. It’s incredible how much can be accomplished just getting back to the basics of using no technology! Last week I taught a lesson on emotions to my third graders. We are required to use the lesson book as a base for the content needed to be taught, but I am able to go outside the lines to try to get the students to speak, and retain English. The book uses a CD to teach songs, games, and dialog. It is incredibly helpful at times, but other times I believe the book inhibits the children’s ability to learn English. Technology can be a fantastic tool if used properly. In my opinion if overused it can be a distraction, and also can prevent active learning in the classroom.

I love getting the kids up and moving! I am always looking for ways to get them active. I believe by being an active learner one is a better learner. We played the simple game of charades when teaching emotions. I hadn’t played charades with this group for fear that they wouldn’t be interested in a game without technology. I decided to give it a go, and they kids loved it! Most importantly I think that by getting back to the basics they were able practice speaking, and become an active learner in English class. The best part is nothing was needed except for ourselves! The kids had a blast taking turns in the spotlight (since I have a small class they each got more than one turn). They were all able to be creative in acting how they wanted, and also worked as a team to complete the task at hand.

Charades. Such a simple game! Sometimes no technology is required for success!



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3 thoughts on “No 35. Let’s not forget to get back to the basics

  1. Suzan

    I truly liked ur article and a teacher is born one not facilitates but doesn’t make any difference unless it,s used by a skillful educator.

  2. Low Cost, No Cost Tech for the Educator

    Excellent post. As important as tech is to the classroom, it is imperative to remember that it is an enhancement to the teacher, not a replacement.


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