No 32. 12 ways to build team spirit within your department

If you are a Head of Department in a school then you will want to do your best to maintain a good team spirit. Here are twelve ways that you can do this  – if you have any more then please comment.

  1. Communicate well with honesty – you could have a weekly briefing sheet with all the important events and deadlines on it.
  2. Be visible in the department, for instance make sure you around at break times and lunchtimes.
  3. Set the standard – make sure that you are seen to be working hard and not going against the school ethos. Lead by example and set high standards
  4. Make an effort to point out the good in what people are doing. If someone in your team has spent time putting up a display then go and look at and make them feel appreciated. Celebrate what you see.
  5. Make sure that meetings have a clear agenda with AOB at the end so that everybody has an opportunity to speak and raise their point. Ensure that you start and finish meetings on time and keep them moving.
  6. Arrange to have informal one to one meetings with your team members away from performance review or appraisal to see how things are going.
  7. Make sure that you listen well to people – listen more than you speak. Don’t talk over people to get your point across – be interested in what they are saying and make them feel important.
  8. Have a folder of relevant INSET and encourage people to develop professionally. Make sure that you budget appropriately for this.
  9. Allow for staff to express their own opinions and contribute to decisions.
  10. Be fair and consistent in your decision making. Make sure it is in line with the core values of the department and whole school.
  11. Have  a good sense of humour but don’t get too close and familiar – be friendly but professional.
  12. After a period of intense work such as report writing buy a box of chocolates or cakes for the department. Leave them somewhere communal for everyone to enjoy. Make your team feel appreciated.

team spirit

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