No 19. Educreations Interactive White Board: Create online lessons to be viewed later by your students.

I recently was introduced to an excellent app on the iPad called Educreations Interactive white Board. It can be seen on the iTunes store here. Basically the app is an interactive white board with a voice record function. This is a very powerful tool allowing for small concepts to be captured electronically in a visual way for your students. The creations can be viewed later online by clicking on a link you can e-mail to your students or put on your school network. A whole course could be created in this way by recording a sequence of online lessons. If you have an educational blog then you can embed the code on your site. I have been using this app for a limited period but some of the features I have been impressed with so far are

  • A choice of electronic paper (blank, lined and graph).
  •  Images can be imported easily from google image search. This function is uncomplicated and built directly into the app.
  • Ink is in a choice of colours and writing is very fluid.
  • Text can also be written using an onscreen key board (this does not appear on the screen when writing). Recording stops whilst you are writing text.
  • The app is free – it would seem so far!
  • Your creations can be uploaded to bank of other educreations for others to look at. These are arranged in subject order. These are fully searchable on the educreations website.
  • You access the creations by clicking on an e-mail link created once saved and uploaded.


4 thoughts on “No 19. Educreations Interactive White Board: Create online lessons to be viewed later by your students.

  1. cindy0803

    I love that app. I started using it back in September when I started homeschooling. It also serves very well for review. Although I’ve kept all my lessons private (just me talking to my daughter), you can share them. I would have to think they would be an excellent resource for classroom teachers who like to share ideas.

    1. classroomsandstaffrooms Post author

      Thanks for your comment, I have just decided educreations. Have you also come across show me and explain everything which are similar apps. Explain everything allows you to import videos and pdf files.


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