No 30. Buddy-Buddy Checking system

shaking hands

If you are taking students on a school outing  then you will want to check that they are all present at certain times during the day or however long your trip is. A quick way of doing this is to use a buddy buddy system. Here is what you do?

  1. Ask each student in the group to shake hands with another student in the group. It doesn’t matter if one person has their hand shaken by two people.
  2. Tell the students that the person they have just shaken hands with will be their buddy and they have to make sure that they are there at checking in times. This other person is their responsibility.
  3. Tell them that they have to imagine that they have just arrived at a meeting a point and you want to check that they are all there. Explain that you are going to shout “Buddy-Buddy” after which they are all to find their partner.
  4. Shout “Buddy-Buddy” and watch the response. They should all find their partner and shake their hand. It should be a quick process.
  5. Shout “Buddy-Buddy” a few times until they know exactly what to do. You don’t need to use this phrase, choose your own and make sure that you are animated when you shout it to capture their attention.

This system is a rapid way of taking a register when you are out and about. It is great for busy places such as train stations or city attractions. Obviously use it with care as you are ultimately in-charge but you will be amazed how well it works. Give it a go.

shaking hands 2


The images on this post are from here and here.

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