No 13. Excel Register

Teacher Planner Register

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Rather than neatly writing all your class lists into the back of your teacher planner, only for your timetable and class to change a few weeks into the term, why not keep an Excel register. Download this copy of a blank template that you can personalise for each of your classes. There is no need to squeeze your writing into tiny squares and use a ruler to check you are still following the line of grades for the correct pupil as your register moves onto another page. This template has panes frozen so it is easy to follow rows and columns. You can also add additional notes by right clicking in a cell and selecting “insert comment”. You can also edit and delete the notes by right clicking in the cell and selecting “edit comment” or “delete comment”. This is particularly useful for adding SEN notes about a pupil or adding a different grade for a piece of work that has been re-done.

Register Template


2 thoughts on “No 13. Excel Register

  1. Alaric Thompson

    Nice but I prefer to download an unformatted SIMS spreadsheet and modify it for my own register / markbook. That way most relevant information is already included.


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