No 18. Pupil Tracking


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It’s all very well to keep your own records of pupil progress, but do your students know how well they are progressing? In theory yes as their exercise book will be littered with marks and grades, but in reality the answer is often no. When being observed by other members of staff, I would think the lesson was going really well until the observer decided to ask a pupil what grade they were currently working at and the pupil suddenly looked blank! In order to overcome this, I created a very simple bar chart that pupils shade in throughout the year based on their performance in end of unit tests and assessments. I also get them to colour co-ordinate their chart as a traffic light system according to whether they are above, below or on track to achieve their target grade. Pupils have a copy of this document stuck in the back of their exercise book and enjoy using it as it gives them ownership of and a visual representation of their progress. It’s also easy to get them to refer back to it if their lesson is being observed.

Year 7 Pupil Progress Record Sheet


1 thought on “No 18. Pupil Tracking

  1. theresamarriott

    Great idea, I’m going to adapt this for my learners to put in their folders to show progress in five core areas: speaking and listening, reading, writing, team working, independent working. Thanks.


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