No 6. The 3 Ds – Do, Delegate or Dump

Do Delegate Dump

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Do you find that you are just buried under endless pieces of paper? Do you have so many emails marked as urgent that you do not know where to start? It is quite easy to feel like you are drowning in the amount of paper work, glossy brochures offering exciting trips and opportunities for career development and urgent memos. I often found I had stacks and stacks of documents and emails I thought I would get round to sorting but at that specific moment I did not have time to act upon. This was until I went on a course and learnt this simple yet essential tip: do, delegate or dump.

The idea is easy, with the aim being you only handle one piece of paper work once. Either do it there and then if it is something worth doing. If you don’t have time to do it, give the job to someone else to do. Or if it’s one of those things you think you will put on the list of things to do but know deep down that you’ll never find the time to do it, simply get rid of it and live your life clutter-free!

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