No 2. Use codes for quick assessment (Star, Tick, Triangle, Full Stop)


Imagine this scene. You get home from work at night and have a pile of exercise books to mark. You really don’t feel like doing it and you want a quick way of marking without it being a waste of time.

The solution

Use star, tick, triangle, full stop – you may want to write a quick comment too.

Star – the work is above what is expected. Much effort has been put in.

Tick – The work is good and is what is expected. Nothing more, nothing less.

Triangle – Oh dear, this is a warning and not that good really. More effort needed.

Full Stop – This is not what your students want. Work is very poor and falls very short of what is expected.

This sort of coding could be put into your departmental marking policy. It works also because it doesn’t have any letter or number associated with it to demoralise your students.



Images above from here.


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