No 39. An easy way of learning names

Learning the names of a class can be difficult for some teachers. There are a variety of approaches adopted by teachers from name cards to photographs. A quick and easy method however of learning the names of pupils in your class is to arrange them in alphabetical order according to their first name. This will allow you to become familiar quickly with their names. Give it a go and you will be surprised how it helps you. The usual approach of organising a class  by surname does not help at all with familiarisation but this little change can make all the difference?

alphabetical order




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3 thoughts on “No 39. An easy way of learning names

  1. Joseph Nebus

    I found surprisingly successful letting students pick their own seats, but making sure to collect assignments by walking in order — the same order every time — to collect and hand back papers. After the first couple days the students don’t move around much, and if I don’t scramble the order of the papers, then, nearly everybody’s paper, with their name attached, is at the tip of my fingers and my tongue.

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