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No 16. The Right Handed Teacher: Organising your Seating Plan


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I once read somewhere that right handed teachers spend most of their time talking to the right hand side of the classroom. Whilst I had been conscious of using certain words a lot in my everyday teaching (such as “ok”) and not asking the same person to answer a question all the time, I hadn’t really thought about in which direction I was aiming my classroom spiel. After looking into this more closely, I found out that if you let pupils sit where they want, attention seekers will choose to sit at your favoured side, quiet pupils will sit on the other side where they think you won’t see them and those who want to go completely unnoticed will choose to sit at the back on your unfavoured side. In order to combat this, why not try and make a point of moving around the room and talking from different parts of the classroom as this helps keep pupils on their toes. Investing in a wireless mouse or remote control to control your PowerPoint from a distance is a great idea.